Integrated Lipid Biofuels LLC (ILB) is a Washington State University (WSU) spin-off company founded to research, develop and commercialize industrial biotechnologies. The mission of the company is enabling cost-effective production of bio-based products through innovation in processing technologies and efficient utilization of biomass resources. The general products of interest include specialty high-value bioproducts, renewable chemicals, and biofuels. The company has a strong technical team including experienced researchers and registered engineers.


Unique technology: We are constructing novel metabolic pathways in a highly capable yeast with industrially-relevant production advantages to convert low cost feedstock such as wastes to biopolymers.


Sponsor and Funding: The proof of concept of the technology has been verified by the funding received from the STTR program of the US Department of Energy Phase I grant contract # DE-SC0018475, year 2018.